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Rhode Island Employee Handbook Template - 2021

Only $39.95 - Create an employee handbook for small business in The Ocean State

Rhode Island Law recent updates include:

  • Minimum Wage Updates

Formatted specifically for Rhode Island

Buy the RI Employee Handbook Template now

Contains all major policies for small business with specific language for Rhode Island regulations, including language covering employee leave policy, and complies with federal guidelines and requirements for employers.

Creating an employee handbook can be very time consuming, and costly. Figuring out what to include and how to word it can tie up the HR and legal departments for weeks...or months. And now you've been assigned the task of creating one for your Rhode Island small business.

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All the hard work has been done for you. The template masters at the Employee Handbook Store started with an attorney-drafted document which and been reviewed and polished by HR professionals, and created the best employee handbook template on the market. Developed to comply with Rhode Island and federal labor laws, this template includes the policies used by 99% of all small businesses. So unless your business is extremely unusual, you found exactly what you are looking for!

Formatted for Rhode Island:

Buy the RI Employee Handbook Template now
  • Rhode Island-specific template - over 100 policy topics.
  • Easily customize with your company logo.
  • Many topics have multiple options.
  • Easily edit, delete or add topics.
  • Acknowledgement form for employees to sign.
  • FREE Safety Manual template with over 30 topics.
  • FREE No-Compete & Non-Disclosure agreement.
  • FREE Drug Testing Policy and Consent Form.
  • Formatted in Microsoft Word for PC or Mac.
  • Available in PDF format.
  • Available in MS Works format.
  • Available In RTF (Rich Text Format).

Comply With Rhode Island Requirements

In addition to meeting requirements for Rhode Island, policies provided in this template adhere to federal labor laws which meet or exceed state laws. Rhode Island has state-mandated special requirements, that exceed federal requirements, for short-term disability leave for all employers with one or more employees. The employee handbook offered here includes a policy defining adherence to the Rhode Island requirements for short-term disability leave to be used as company policy by Rhode Island-based employers*. Rhode Island small businesses will find, included in this template, policies for cell phones and texting, breaks, conduct, employee use of company vehicles, employee dress code, computer use, compensation, and nearly 100 other optional topics.

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Labor laws require that all businesses have written policy and enforce policies uniformly with all employees. An employee handbook is simply the best, most cost-effective method for complying with this requirement.

Best RI Employee Handbook Template

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Fastest, easiest & best RI template available!

Logically organized for ease of use, topics are included for policies, procedures, employment standards, benefits, discipline and more. Many topics provide two to four options per topic (based on your preferences) for issues like smoking on company property. Developed by HR and management professionals, this template includes options that comply with federal FMLA and EEOC requirements.

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Print and distribute the handbook, or save it as a PDF which can be distributed via email or posted on the web for employees with access.

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Buy the RI Employee Handbook Template now

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Information About RI Employment

Department of Labor

This agency administers workforce-related programs assisting employers and workers. For answers to questions, by employers or employees, regarding and employee handbook requirements or labor law issues, contact:

Rhode Island Department Of Labor & Training
1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
401 462-8000
Major Employers

The employers listed below account for a significant number of workers in Rhode Island.

Air National Guard-143 Airlift
Amica Life Insurance
Citizens Bank
Colonial Cutlery International
Corp of Brown University
CVS Caremark
CVS Pharmacy
Electric Boat Corp
J Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center
Kent Hospital
Met Life
Miriam Hospital
Our Lady of Fatima Hospital
Rhode Island Hospital
Rhode Island School of Design
Roger Williams Medical Center
Women & Infants Hospital of RI

Collectively, Rhode Island small businesses with one or more employees make up an even larger segment of the workforce. All employers are required by labor laws to have written policy made available to employees.